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Introduction to the humanoid robot

Service robot application range is very wide, is mainly engaged in maintenance, repair, transportation, cleaning, security guards, rescue, guardianship, etc. International federation of robotics gathered over a period of years to a preliminary definition of the service robot, service robot is a kind of semi-autonomous robot which will work or full autonomy, it can accomplish the service work, is good for human health but not engaged in the production of equipment. Here, we put the other robot close to people's life is also included.

In addition to the mowing robot, by the end of 1999 the world equipped service robots are almost all industries with the robot. The main application field of these special robots are: medical robot, multi-purpose mobile robot platform, underwater robot and robot cleaner.

At the end of 1999, the world all service robot for at least 6600 units, 3000 units, domestic robots are among those accounts for about 50%, underwater robot and medical robot accounted for 14% and 12% respectively, cleaning robot accounted for 6%, accounted for 23% of all the other robot.

2000-2003 total annual service robot is expected to increase to 49400 units, of which 40000 are domestic robots (in addition to the vacuum cleaning robot), 5000 is a medical robot. Household vacuum cleaning robot will enter the market at the end of 2000, if the price is reasonable, the sales of 2003 May be more than 250000 units.

Household robot sales is expected to more than 300000 units, it shows that the service robot market is about to enter a new stage.

From the aspects of demand and equipment of the existing technical level, the disabled with robots haven't reach the expected goal. In the next 10 years, assistive robots will surely become one of the key area of service robots. A number of important research is focus on development of this kind of robot.

Service robots in general and popularization of the main difficulties is a price; Another is that the user benefits of robots, efficiency and reliability of don't quite understand.

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