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The development of the humanoid robot

Service robot is a robot, a young member of the family can be divided into professional service robot, and personal/family service robot, service robot application range is very wide, is mainly engaged in maintenance, repair, transportation, cleaning, security guards, rescue, guardianship, etc.
Data show that at the moment, at least 48 countries in the world in the development of the robot, including 25 countries have been involved in development of humanoid robot. In Japan, North America and Europe, has seven kinds 40 balance meter into humanoid robot experiments and semi commercial applications.
In recent years, the global service robot market keep faster growth rates, according to the international union of robot, the 2010 global professional service robot sales of 13741 units, up 4% year on year, sales of $32 billion, up 15%; Personal/family service robot sales of 2.2 million units, up 35% year on year, sales of $538 million, up 39% from a year earlier.
Another aspect, the global population aging brings a lot of problems, such as the care for older people, and medical problems, the solution of these problems bring a lot of financial burden. Due to the characteristics of service robots have to significantly reduce the financial burden. Thus service robot can be a large number of applications.
R&d in the field of service robots in China started relatively late compared with Japan, the United States and other countries. With the support of national 863 plan, in the aspect of service robot research and product development in our country has carried out a lot of work, and has obtained some achievements, such as, the receiving machine developed by Harbin industrial university guide robot
People, cleaning robot, etc.; South China university of technology developed by robot nursing bed; Institute of automation, Chinese academy of sciences of the intelligent wheelchair, etc.
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