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Harbin Brain Robot Technology Co., LTD., located in the north of China famous city -- Harbin high and new technology development zone city, science and technology innovation is the development for robot, robot production, training of robot technology, robot technology consulting and other automation products development, production, sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises.
Companies with intelligent control technology research institute of Harbin institute of technology institute of talent and technology as the backing, in product development, uphold the development of a shape, a batch of production the principle of a kind of Harbin brain intelligent equipment co., LTD. Has succeeded in batch production S series service delivery guide robots and robot, industrial AGV series products and so on. Company also constantly research and development enterprise to communicate with multiple robot study, make it stand on a higher vision, relying on strong technical strength, providing customers with a high level of solutions, technical support, and high-end products. The company in line with "sincerity, clients, take responsibility" spirit of enterprise, by providing the perfect solution of high technology, high reliability, enhance the level of manufacturing technology, to create maximum value for customers. "Take the customer as the fundamental, science and technology as the carrier, take the market demand as the guidance" is my company's business philosophy.
"Outside the tree image of honesty, education model of service" is our company's management idea. We hope to set a first-class talents, first-class technology, first-class products to create first-class enterprise. Do every product is a model industry, every project is the company's products. Brain continued rapid growth, has formed with independent core technology, key parts and components industry, leading products and system solutions for the integration of a complete industrial chain, and to upgrade industrial strategy to cover the product whole life cycle of a digital, intelligent manufacturing process, this unique industry pattern to brain intelligent equipment with unique competitive advantage, once again become a "made in China" booster, industrial transformation and upgrading of the new engine.

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